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River Bound

By Judy K. Walker

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers
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Is it bad luck to get held at gunpoint on a first date?

Sydney Brennan isn’t exactly the outdoors type, but the Tallahassee PI can’t say no when her investigator friend Mike Montgomery asks her on an unconventional first date. A lazy day canoeing down an idyllic Florida Panhandle river, with Mike providing a picnic lunch and most of the paddle power—what could go wrong? A lot, and this time it’s not even Sydney’s fault.

Soon Syd and Mike find themselves entangled in someone else’s imploding criminal enterprise, with no easy way out. Because when you’re River Bound, everyone gets swept downstream…

River Bound is a novella featuring the Florida private investigator with a knack for getting into trouble who doesn’t know when to quit. If you’re looking for a mystery with believable characters and “just enough humor to offset the dark,” click to download and read River Bound today.

The Sydney Brennan Mysteries alternate between novels and novellas. The books stand alone, but each of Sydney’s adventures builds upon previous ones. The reading order is:

1) Back to Lazarus: A Sydney Brennan Novel
2) Secrets in Stockbridge: A Sydney Brennan Novella
3) The Perils of Panacea: A Sydney Brennan Novel
4) No Safe Winterport: A Sydney Brennan Novella
5) Braving the Boneyard: A Sydney Brennan Novel
6) River Bound: A Sydney Brennan Novella
7) Grave Truth: A Sydney Brennan Novel