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By Judy K. Walker

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It’s happening again. And either Adam is crazy, or he’s a kidnapped child’s only hope.

Drifter Adam Rutledge is haunted by his childhood, by how helpless he felt when his best friend was abducted and how terrifying it was to see the boy’s fate in his nightmares.

Twenty years later Adam is shaken by a vivid dream, one powerful enough to send him back to Cold Springs. But his Appalachian hometown never lost its mistrust of the orphaned boy who drew heartache like a lightning rod. Especially now that another child has been taken.

To find the missing girl, Adam must dig deep and solve the riddle of his own tragic past. When his efforts unleash visions he’s spent decades burying, his sanity stretches to the breaking point. And all the while, a man is watching and waiting in the shadows.

A madman who means to kill him.

Prodigal is the first book in the Dead Hollow psychic suspense trilogy. If you like crime thrillers with authentic characters and a dash of paranormal, then you’ll love Judy K. Walker’s haunting series. 
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The fear returns in Prodigal.

Twenty years ago, children began disappearing from rural Beecham County: a boy on a camping trip, a girl walking home from school…And then it stopped.

Very slowly—month by month, year by year—children began to feel safe again, and parents began to sleep through the night.

Until now.

Adam Rutledge, who’s spent his life adrift since losing his childhood friend to a man in the shadows, finds himself drawn back to Beecham County when another girl disappears. But to stop the unknown predator, Adam must reveal his deepest, darkest secret and embark on a path that may cost him his sanity… and his life.


  • Prodigal

    By PushpushStable
    We've all had a moment when we knew the next comment before it was spoken. Most of us brush aside the thought "how did I know that", but what if there is more to understand?This is a tense, well written novel of characters who discover how to live with the unbelievable.
  • Prodigal

    By Karen Crissinger
    Judy Walker does it again, with rich characters and a series of plot turns that kept me going until I was out of pages. This is a fabulous foray into the supernatural, with plenty of mystery about our leads' family histories. Details were fed in such tantalizing bites that I can't wait for more. I reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy.