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I’m doing this because I can’t get enough of video game podcasts. There are thousands of shows out there and I wish there was a better way to share and discuss at least some of them.

There are three main sections I want to cover in each dispatch:

  1. The Main Recommended Podcast – Each week I’ll share a podcast that some of you might dig. I’ll break down what type of show it is, how long it’s been in play, why you might like it, what other people say about it, and a few other details that might help you decide if it’s worthy of your regular rotation.
  2. Random Spotlight – Exactly what it sounds like. Live events, interesting news, some old archival episode that is relevant.
  3. A Reader Recommendation – Reply to any email with your recommended video game podcast, OR a single episode of a show that you want to share.

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Axe of the Blood God

Axe of the Blood God Podcast

Axe of the Blood God is a weekly RPG podcast produced by USgamer, typically released on Mondays. They’ve put out well over 200 episodes!


Rarely under an hour, rarely over 90 minutes.

Who hosts it?

The show is currently hosted by USGamer’s editor-in-chief, Kat Bailey, and writer/video game journalist, Nadia Oxford. Sometimes they’ll interview game devs, or bring in some guest hosts, mostly from the video game journalism scene, or other USGamer contributors (like Mike Williams and Caty McCarthy.)

What’s the format?

Kat and Nadia discuss all things RPGs. (That’s it!)

It’s mostly loose conversation between two RPG experts/fans. You’ll get reactions to recent news and trailers, nostalgia for 16 and 32-bit classics, occasional rants and raves… it’s all here.

What’s so special about that?

There are a few areas where the Axe really shines:

🎙️ Great hosts with real chemistry.

My friend Mark Asquith, a British gent and podcast genius, always says something like, “They come for the content, but they stay for you.” I agree.Kat and Nadia pair well together. Conversation feels natural. They never try to outshine each other. They’re total pros.

🤔 Thoughtful reviews of recently released games.

RPGs are a commitment! These days, I rely on solid reviews to make sure games are worth my time investment.

Because this is produced by USGamer, the hosts get access to new RPGs early. While they can’t discuss games under a review embargo, when the embargo is lifted, Kat and Nadia typically launch into in-depth typically spoiler-free reviews and discussion around the latest RPGs, like (most recently) Kingdom Hearts 3Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and smaller titles like Oninaki. They even review games that have “RPG elements,” like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Anthem.

🥇 Occasional special features and series.

To fill the gap between big game reviews and news, Kat and Nadia structure on-going features like their “Top 25 RPG Countdown,” or Console RPG Quests (a look back on the RPG legacy of each console.) Also, when the hosts revisit classic games they missed in their heyday, they’ll share their progress via a weekly report. I especially enjoyed Kat’s Chrono Trigger reports in 2017

💌 BONUS: They have an email newsletter.

I’ll admit I’m biased. But I love receiving a RPG-centered email newsletter in my inbox with an exclusive essay that you can’t get anywhere else, and all the latest RPG news linked in one spot.

What do others say about it?

There’s a 4.7 star rating on Apple Podcasts currently, from 247 reviewers.

Here’s a good one from “tellmiastorey”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve always had a large roster of podcasts I listen to, but recently I’ve neglected all to binge listen to Axe of the Blood God. I find myself yelling “Yes!” whenever agreeing with Kat or Nadia and screaming “No!” at my phone whenever disagreeing with them. It’s constant praise and abuse for my poor phone and car radio. I’ve also discovered a lot of new games to play from them chatting and I really owe it to them for opening my eyes to so many good rpgs. Keep up the great work!”

Is it kid-friendly?

Not really. It’s never crude, but the language is more PG-13 than TV-Y. (Note: You might not care about this, but I’m on an epic quest to find podcasts that I can reliably listen to with my kids in the car!)

Final thoughts?

It pleases the Blood God to give this show a listen.

If you are a RPG-fanatic, or a lapsed RPG fan with fond memories of the games of ole, I highly suggested jumping into Axe of the Blood God.

If you don’t care much for RPGs at all (new or old,) you’ll know in the first 20-25 minutes if this is a show for you. Proceed with caution.

If you like shows that dig into video game history and legacy, regardless of genre, I recommend adding this to the feed and cherry-picking whatever looks interesting.

Where to listen? What’s a good starting point?

Just jump in with the latest episode, or if you’re more into specific topics, check out some from the archives, like “Our Favorite RPGs from 2018.

Do you already listen to Axe of the Blood God? Have you checked it out after reading this? Love it? Hate it? Let me know your feedback!

Random Spotlight: 666

One day, Player One Podcast will be the highlighted show of the week, but that’s not today!

The gang recently released their 666th episode (!!!) which bared the mark of the beast. Thematically, it was centered around top horror games. As a long-time listener, I was so entertained. If you’re new to the show, not sure it’s the best entry-point unless you love that genre!

You can check it out here.

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